Dear Bestfriend..

Dear Almighty God,
This moment I decide to meet Thou, heart to heart. As for many times, I pray to Thou as my daily routine. I memorize my prayer and I know how to say it in order and very well.
My dearest God,
I wonder Thou are laughing at me now, lauhing at my weakness of knowing nothing, for became a true pretender.. which I tried to pretend I was stronger than myself. I refused to accept the way I was. So now, please laugh loudly at me.. and slap me hardly on my cheeks. Make me awake.. make me realize that I'm tiny.. and Thou are the biggest thing of all.
Father of all the human beings,
I'm hugging Your foot, as I want to cry on my bestfriend's shoulder. I'd always know that Thou are the closest bestfriend I have ever had. Thou are the one who touch my fear, my strength, and my braveness. Please, forgive my stubborn head, forgive my stupidity, forgive my careless life.
Me, myself, don't know what to ask to Thee..
I'm heartless,
I'm planless,
I'm losing my way.
Please, take my life's wheel for a while, drive me to the right path.. since Thou are the best life-driver of all.
Dear God,
kindly hear me though I couldn't see Thou physically. But I know that Thou are there, in front of me.. and holding my hand tightly.
Dear God,
I am going to end my words.. Hope Thou are not annoyed with my wish, if it's too much.. then I'm sorry. But, bestfriend always says anything they need to say, and Thou are my very bestfriend in the world.
Should I say "Amen"?
I'll see You, soon..


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