Indonesia, for us to learn.

I got jealous, simply said.

When I was on my way to your country, the entire road was very smooth.
When I talked to your people, everyone could speak English fluently.
When I entered your building, all the system ran well.. with full air conditioner also.
When I went up to your popular sky bridge, I could see from above that your city was well managed.
When I waved for a taxi, they pleased me friendly.
When I passed by your people, all of them acted usual, as if tourists are a part of their daily life.

I got jealous.

My head was spinning, thinking of my own country. Felt that we really have to change, we really have to start to build our country, as soon as and as fast as we could. Or our neighbor would leave us further and further away.

I was just realized, stepping to Malaysia is not a mistake. It is good to remind us, to put us in a track to develop our beloved country. At some points, I agree that they’re much better than us, they were ready to be a modern country with modern cities and its infrastructures.

If they could, then what’s stopping us for not doing better than them? We’re just the same Asian country; we’re rich of both natural resources and human resources. We’ve got all we need to build Indonesia. Don’t be shy to learn from other, from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. We’ll be better if we know what’s our weakness and learn from others on how to be stronger.

Majulah, Indonesia!
Quoted from our former President:
"Saudara-saudara dan rombongan : Buka mata, Buka mata! Buka otak! Buka telinga! Perhatikan, perhatikan keadaan! Perhatikan keadaan dan sedapat mungkin carilah pelajaran dari hal hal ini semuanya, agar supaya saudara saudara dapat mempergunakan itu dalam pekerjaan raksasa kita membangun Negara dan Tanah Air!". (Bung Karno : Semarang, 29 Juli 1956)


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