i locked my heart.

you made me hold my breathe.
we were almost there. i fell to you, completely.
you were so into me, i guess.

and suddenly, i ruined everything.
i realized that i wasn't the real 'me' when you were around.
i turned into someone else, which i wasn't familiar with.
i realized, and so did you.

we were just hanging ourselves there, bringing what we have to nowhere.
then, we decided silently to let our feelings disappear.
just like a candle which is being ignored and finally melt down without noticed by anyone.
we were there. firmly stood up, side by side. but yet we didn't know each other. we didn't feel each other. and we didn't understand.
we were confused and doubt about us.

we went through the time, until now.

and what could we say? are we still the same like some times ago? do we still feel the same feeling? are you still into me? am i fall to you?

i let the words fly away into the air.

i give you a smile, which isn't the answer of all, since i'm clueless.
deep down in my heart, i knew - and even better, i understood - that i've locked my heart.
picture was taken at KL, a door of one old shop house. for better resolution, please go here


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