Be Careful!

(First of all, I am not trying to convince you to believe in my religion. I am trying to warn you to be careful with things around you, too many hidden things that silently transmit into our minds, unconsciously)
Yesterday, a good friend of mine gave me a link from youtube titled : The Church of Oprah Exposed.
The video actually concerned about how she tries to teach new lessons to people on earth, about new 'religion', which does not include God in it. The video related the Oprah's religion with Christianity, since it is the major religion in US.
You may watch it as a knowledge, if you want.
But if you don't feel comfortable to watch it, then don't. I will just tell you what's in it, so that you may be careful with things which can make a distance between you and God. Just be careful with earthy things.
Oprah Church was found on March 2008, with 300.000 people became the attendants. Then fastly grew up become 2.000.000 attendants. It is the largest church on earth, nowadays.
Here are the lessons from this church :
"Who you are requires no belief. Heaven is not a location but refer to the inner realm of conciousness."
"My mind is part of God. I am very holy. My holiness is my salvation. My salvation comes from me. Let me remember that there is no sin."
She is trying to put thoughts in our minds that God is not to be believed. God, or religion, is a feeling, not believing.
The whole life, I was thaught to believe that God is exist even though I couldn't see His physical existence. And, for me, He IS exist!
Oprah said, "One biggest mistake of human being is believing that there is only one way to live. There are many ways, million ways. And the path is not the only things that you call it God. ..."
Obviously, I am not a religious person, compare to many of my friends. But I do believe in God. When my friend gave me this video, it strucked into my heart, we're very near to the end of the world. Many beliefs, which don't believe in God and try to bring human beings to satan's alley, have been sporadically growth up. We have to be extra careful.
Whatever your religions are, please hold up to God tightly. Don't make yourself become the same with this world, the world is not safe, many dark things are trying to pull your hearts into their worlds. Be careful.
Close your eyes, your ears, and pray.


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