zooey deschanel.

first of all, sorry.
i have to share this. since, i thought she is pretty and really cool.

i've just watched 500 days in summer, starred by her- zooey deschanel. the movie was pretty good, not that outstanding.. but it was good.. love story, though the narrator said "it's not a love story".

and most of all. she is pretty. the cameraman knew how to shoot her videogenic angle! i'm not kidding. you have to watch and find out by yourself, only to see her best angle.. hehe. :)

source : http://electricityandlust.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/zooey-deschanel.jpg

i googled her and found out that she has a band, named She & Him. you can listen to their song, you can click here. i like the layout and the little girl header.

just want to share and show you that prettiness isn't always that ordinary pretty. i don't know how to explain it in words. nnngggggg.. but, in my opinion she's just another extraordinary pretty. don't you think?


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