Peace On Earth.

I just want to share something, about peace of the world comes from the simplest thing that you could reach. Something that you didn’t imagine before.
It came from the very first page of this infamous book, Three Cups of Tea.
I will not re-tell the story, you have to read it by yourself and get yourself into it for days! :) It is a true story which can inspire you a lot..
Greg Mortenson. An amazing guy.
He built schools for Pakistani children, and he’s American. You must know, that nationality is the biggest problem between US and Middle East countries, nowadays.
He started the idea to build a school for children in Korphe (remote village in Pakistan, near K2) with no money. He sent 580 letters to famous people in US, asked for a little help to donate a little money for the children. He got almost nothing, except one letter with $100 cheque. He worked as a nurse, without a permanent shelter to sleep in, he slept in his car so that he can save his money to the Pakistani children!
One day, a miracle came into his life. A rich scientist, named Jean Hoerni, offered his money to be a single donator, and all he did is writing a $12,000 and sent it to Greg. Just like that. Do you know what was Hoerni reason to help? The reason was: 'He knew that nobody will ever help Greg, since Greg’s aim was helping Moslem.’
Can you guess what was bothering me? That nationality and religion things! Why should we differ and fight each other with that reasons, since we’re all God’s creatures? Is there any thick wall between us, as a human being, that really separates us from each other, so that we can close our eyes to help people who need our helps? And then, we preferred to do war instead of saving people's life? Isn’t that silly?
After years, Greg successfully finished his first school, of course the way he went through wasn’t that easy. Pakistan isn’t a safe place for an American guy like him. But, he prayed as a Moslem, he spoke Urdu, he got along with Pakistani very well. And even, his Pakistani friends adored him very much, more than they adored their own leader. They considered Greg as their hero, who cared about their life, who touched their lifes from his heart. Greg spoke with the children, asked what they need. Greg didn’t lie about anything in his life, he did whatever it took to help Pakistani.
After the first school, he planned to build another schools and needed many supports from America. He spoke in many lectures, he spoke to people in America about what Pakistani need to help their life. And America agreed with him, America helped him. And suddenly, 9/11 tragedy happened. Things changed. People sent him hating-letters, cursed him for what he has done for ‘enemies’. But, it wasn’t what he was thinking; people in Pakistan or Iraq or Arab or another Middle East countries were not their enemies, they’re just the victims.
Greg told them : One single thing to help people in Pakistan, is education.
It is not a bullshit nor a joke. It is the fact and one way to build peace on earth. And America gave their supports, once again, to Greg’s program to help Pakistani children.
Please, destroy the thought about how Christian wants to spread their religion through the school in Middle East. It is not the goal. They, as human beings, want to educate their ‘friends’ in another continents, to give them good perspectives of life. There’s nothing we could get from war, or by harming people whom we don’t even know. By giving them opportunities to go to school, they can build their own life and they can choose the good from the bad.
Not every American is as bad as you think.
And not every Middle-East people is as bad as you think.
Don’t stereotype them!
Pakistani loves American guy, named Greg Mortenson. They promised to sacrifice their blood and their life to save Greg! It is a kind of relation which you can’t imagine.. Because we watched too many news on TV, we only can see the outer side of the war itself. Many people inside the war are suffering.. They are not involved in the war, they don’t know what the purpose of the war. They are the victims.
So please, open your eyes. Don’t choose a side. Don’t put your religion as your reason to hate others.
Imagine how beautiful our world without war.
May peace be with us.

Link : You can support and help Greg Mortenson's program.


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