about death.

"learn how to die is the only way to learn how to live"
- morrie schwartz

i read mitch albom's book : tuesdays with morrie and i kept dropping my tears into cheeks.

everyone's fear is death.
everyone knows they will die, some day.
and everyone refuses to accept it.
it is human nature.

and i am trying to accept my death. that someday i'll be dying, just like morrie.

he mention "die", "love", and "live" words many times.
i've just realized, those are three things that really make sense in my life.
i live because of the love,
i live and surrounded by loves,
i'm alive yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow because i know i love someone and there are some people who love me.
and beyond of those live and love, i am going to die sooner or later.
and for the life itself, i'll be thankful for the loves i've been giving and given..

and i'll die peacefully.


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