stuck moment.

and for the million-th time, i'm stuck.

stuck between hundred choices, which actually i, myself, don't really believe whether i could do it or not.

for the last few years in my life, i chose to do a going-where-the-wind-blows-life. and i perfectly enjoyed it. i planned a short-term life, which i enjoyed to do so.

hum, i also planned a long-term life, but in abstract way.. i'd never pictured my long term plan in realistic frames.

and once again.

i'm stuck.

and i'm jealous with those well-planned people who has a perfect future-life.


i dream.

i choose.

i decide.

and i'll do it in my own way.


4 winds from friends and strangers:

Bo said...

Fail to plan is plan to fail

I need a plan though. A doable one, that is.

novel. said...

just do a simple plan.. so that you minimize the failure. hahaha.. stupid suggestion. :p

suzanne cabrera said...

If it makes you feel any are so NOT alone. Ahhhh...I have these moments daily.

novel. said...

yes, suzanne.. i know that there are many people feel the same way like me.. :(

and that's why we have to keep move on, not give up with the stuck-moment in life. :)

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