Thinking of the future, reminds me of these following thought..

Picture yourself a couple decades hence, dressed for a hot night in the virtual village. Before you climb into a suitably padded chamber and put on your 3D glasses, you slip into a lightweight (eventually, one would hope, diaphanous) body-suit, something like a body stocking, but with the kind of intimate snugness of a condom (!). Embedded in the inner surface of the suit, using a technology that does not yet exist, is an array of intelligent sensor-effectors... that can receive and transmit a realistic sense of tactile presence...

You can reach out your virtual hand, pick up a virtual block, and by running your fingers over the object, feel the surfaces and edges, by means of the effectors that exert counterforces against your skin. The counterforces correspond to the kinds of forces you would encounter when handling a non-virtual object... You can run your cheek over (virtual) satin, and feel the difference when you encounter (virtual) flesh. Or you can gently squeeze something soft and pliable and feel it stiffen under your touch.

... Your partner(s) can move independently in the cyberspace, and your representations are able to touch each other, even though your physical bodies might be continents apart. You will whisper your partner's ear, feel your partner's breathe on your neck. You will run your hands over your lover's clavicle, and 6000 miles away, an array of effectors are triggered, in the just right sequences, at just the right frequency, to convey the touch exactly the way you wish it to be conveyed. If you don't like the way the encounter is going, or someone requires your presence in physical reality, you can turn it all off by flicking a switch and taking off your virtual birthday suit.

(Elizabeth Grosz, Architecture from the Outside, 44-45 quoted from Howard Rheingold, Virtual Reality (New York: Summit Books, 1991), 191; emphasis added)

.. quite scary..


daija said…
ngeriiiiiiiiiiiii O_o
novel. said…
iya, ngeri banget nih visualisasinya..

jangan sampe ruang dan waktu bisa dilipat oleh teknologi.. amit-amit.. T_T

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