self acceptance.

one quiz i took few days ago in facebook said : "you're not a good architect, you're average."

i laughed outloud that day. it was bitter, but maybe it was true and i didn't really care. it didn't matter for me..

this is what i said to myself (and also to some people who laugh at the result and repeated that sentence at the comment's space) : "gue nggak segitu pengennya juga sih jadi arsitek".

maybe you will say that i'm not serious for becoming an architect. yes, i was, i am, and i am going to be serious. but, if i'm not good enough, then i don't insist to be one.

in life, it's not always about what you wanna be.. you should accept yourself, just the way you are. and you also have to see what was your purpose behind your ambition..

in this case, if i insist to be an architect, but actually it's not my destiny.. then i'll just ended like a bird who has wings but can't fly. i will stuck on the ground which isn't my place!

i've just realized.. if i pushed too hard on something, usually i would fail. i don't know what i will be in a year, or two years, or ten years later. if i'm still sitting in front of the computer screen, maybe i am an architect or a draughtperson. haha. or maybe i'll become a lecturer.. or a reporter.. or a traveller.. or a writer.. or any other occupation.
who knows? it doesn't matter.. as long as i'm good and happy doing it.

don't force yourself to do what you are not good at..
self-acceptance, that's the key. :)


melur said…
setuju vel.... manusia cuma bisa berusaha kan.... kayak gue waktu itu, persis. pada akhirnya gw berbesar hati kalo arsitek memang bukan jalan gue.... nah yang sulittt adalah: waktu orang2 di sekitar elo tidak bisa menerima hal itu ;(
sedih banget rasanya
good luck in all the good things u do ya vel
novel. said…
iya betul.. yg penting kan bahagia lahir batin. buat apa kaya materi dan bagus kedudukan sosial (di mata khalayak ramai) kalo ternyata nggak bahagia di 'dalem'. btul kan,jeng? :)

sip, thx 'good luck'-nya..
you too. sukses selaluuuu..


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