why people still do the discrimination?
it's not only about the big things happen in the world.. let's start from the small thing happen everyday, in our daily life.
i'm sure that you often hear about marriage between two diferrent tribes, which is consider as a common thing nowadays. but, i know that it's not happen in every tribes, not in every people, not in every family. there are many families which still hold on this culture, they won't allow their children to married another tribes (and/or religion).
i often heard my friends' stories (and also include mine) about this love-problem, they're angry and sad. but they can't hurt anyone here, they can't hurt their families, and most of all they can't hurt their boy/girlfriends.
sometimes, i just feel that it's unfair.
some part of me refuse to accept that culture, refuse to accept that it's the good things which already practiced since decades ago. i know that it's also not a bad thing. i fully understand that it will make your relationship in family become closer, by being in same culture, same environment, and same language. you speak in the same voice (though it means that you're in a 'homogeneous' area).
many parents discriminate their children's boyfriend and girlfriend. sentimentally, they kill their children's feeling.. they hurt their children. we know that they're experienced in life, but it's not a reason to be a 'teacher' about feeling. people feel what-we-called-love-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-it in their heart, not because of a lesson taught by another people. it's a natural thing in human's feeling.
sorry, i write this emotionally. ;p
i just think that it's up to you to compromise, whether you compromise your feeling or you compromise your parents.
i, myself, compromise my feeling.. *sigh*


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