childhood's favorite.

last night, after got home from my night jogging, my friend turned the television on and chose HBO family. and guess.. the movie was Space Jam.

i postponed my bathing-time and sat in front of the television, enjoyed my childhood's favorite movie.
it was like heaven, watched all the Looney Toones characters plus Michael Jordan in one screen. woo hoo. :D
yeah, sorry, i act childish. but, who cares! i love cartoon, by the way. :)

cartoon makes your day more cheerful and shiny..

here to remind you that childhood's favorite is awesome. MJ and bugs bunny.. and lola bunny.. and daffy duck.. and marvin de martian.. and taz.. and tweety.. and enjoy.

i hope you are smiling, now. cheers. :)

6 winds from friends and strangers:

kristanti paramita said...

vel, leer mas dibawah post lo artinya apa sih?kocak bener,,,,
btw gue ga suka space jam dulu waktu kecil---penting abis

novel. said...

ga tau gue.. si leer mas itu salah satu gadget yg ga bisa di-remove.:(

mgkn campuran bahasa spanyol dan jawa. hehe.

MJ di space jam kan keren mbak. hehe. mgkn kalo space jamnya volley, lo baru suka.. :p (gr2 ini basket, makanya lo ga suka.)

kristanti paramita said...

haha, tau aja lo, sumbernya adalah ketololan gue terhadap basket :P

novel. said...

obvious taukkk. :p hihi.

melur said...

gue inget sering main gamenya di komputer ^^

novel. said...

iyaaaa.. ih aku jugaaaaa.. hihi. masa muda yang menyenangkan. ;)

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