in a tiny box.

"i made you become very small and i put you in a really tiny box. but today, i pull you out because i need you to be a God. only for today. please, Derek, be a God."
(addison montgomery, grey's anatomy)

"say it.. say it.. say it, Derek."
(addison montgomery, grey's anatomy)

"everybody. it's a beautiful night to save live."
(derek shepherd, grey's anatomy)

"now, you will become very small again and i'm gonna put you in that tiny box."
(addison montgomery, grey's anatomy)

above are some lines that i suddenly remember at the moment. it's an episode when addison asked derek to save her brother.
i'm just thinking, that maybe i need to do what addison did.
i need to put him in a tiny box, and keep him lock inside.
though addison still love derek, but she decide to lock her past, to keep move on and to face the future. a past is a past. we only pull it out some times, not EVERY time.

i'll learn to do it.


melur said…
hehe lagi menanti mobil derek ya vel? :D
novel. said…
iya lur..pen-derek hati.. hehe. *dangdut abissss*
gerrilya said…
wahwahwahwahwahwah....novel...novel...sapa yg mo dibungkus? wekekekek....
novel. said…
orang so..yg mengganggu hati.. hehe.. ;p
indaho said…
nice blog! :)
novel. said…
thank you, indaho.. :D

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