in a cave.

i live in a cave.
a cave which was built by the memories. literally, i live in the past.
and i was upset to myself. upset until i found that it was useless.
until i knew that it was what i wanted, i wanted to live in my past and cry every single day.
now, even i'd already knew that it's not the right thing to do, i'm still here.
i'm staring at the wall which has all the word spoken by him. i'm laying on the floor, which has all my past's images.

i'm trapped. but i don't want to escape.


melur said…
i understand what you feel, i really do. my cave is even more sucks. but cheers young lady, at least we have life to live on
novel. said…
yup. at least, we still alive (though it means live in our caves).
melur said…
hehe rite! OK now look outside, it's bright! *harus dipaksakan* cheers :)

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