"i did what i did."

i watched danny's last american idol's performance on tv, two days ago.. he's my favorite --- yeah, sorry. i always like the less favorite man in a competition, while everybody scream at the most popular of all.
IMHO, danny was great, he was stunning.. though i can't deny that kris was also really great. after danny sang his second song, he said, "I DID WHAT I DID!".
and i love that words!

you see what i mean, don't you?
he knew that there's 1:3 possiblity for being kicked out from the show, or even lesser (because adam's fans is too much to be beaten).. and that's why he said it. HE DID WHAT HE DID.

sometimes, it's not about win or lose. it's about your satisfaction when you do what you like. it's about your highest step in doing something, and your goal isn't just being a winner.
that's what we call : LIFE.

many times, we're losers. because, not everyone could be a winner in the same time. but then, do your best. because it's all you need to do in your life, be the best for your own sake.
enjoy every single minutes in your life, and there are many times when you really don't have to hear anyone's opinions. it's your life, by the way..


melur said…
ha! setuju banget vel.... kadang kita terlalu fokus ama opini orang sampe2 itu ngeblok kata hati kita sendiri....! hmmmm... i'm not a fan of AI, but i think the quote is absolutely right!
novel. said…
iya,lur. kalo kebanyakan dengerin orang, kita jadi keseringan 'memuaskan' orang, padahal diri sendiri nggak terpuaskan.

btw, gue juga baru beberapa minggu belakangan ntn AI..dan baru season ini doang. hehehe..
Anonymous said…
wah udah kepilih tuh kris allen....
novel. said…
kinda disagree.

adam lebih layak. (atau danny,hehe) :p

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