GO GREEN is a must.


i bought one magazine, an asian geographic (one of my favorite magz beside design mags) which was talking about the green issue in the world, esp. asia.i was amazed, held my breathe quite a long time, because what happen to the world now is unpreventable, if we didn't start to care about our environment.

these are some facts which i still remember :

1. the sea level increase +/- 2mm a year, and +/- 4mm in several places in the world.
2. year 2042, billion people will not get fresh water, because the water is getting salty.
3. Ganga river is highly polluted because many activities was done there : Hindu people pour the ashes, people wash and take a bath there, and they held their ritual there. and it's getting salty, day by day.

4. there's one place in India, which has the highest rainfall in the world is getting hot. usually, there will always be a full-rainfall-week.. but now, the weather is hot. umbrella was the hottest stuff sale, now it change become fan. the people there naven't seen fan in their whole life, and now they have to use it.

5. using 4 fans in a night is much better than using 1 AC. we can save +/- $840/year. (i wish i could stand the fan instead of AC. hiks)
6. reduce the usage of plastic bag. use your recycled bag if you wanted to go shopping.

GO GREEN, then. i know that you care of your future world and also your grandchildren in the future, just don't destroy our world.
don't litter, throw your trashes in the trashbox.
don't switch on the AC if you don't need it.
reduce the plastic bag usage.
always use public transportation, it can reduce the air pollution.

do anything which you can do so that we can save our world.


melur said…
hehe siap deh boss! aku juga sebisa mungkin selalu praktekin hidup hijau! (baca: nebeng temen ato naek bus, bawa tas sendiri kalo belanja walopun dilirik dengan tatapan"kampungan banget nih orang", terussss selalu mematikan lampuuuu n AC kalo ga perlu (tapi ampun de emang jakarta panasnya ASTAGHFIRULLAH) AC kayaknya mesti 20 derajat tuh................:( *dan saya yakin singapur jg 11 12 panasnya* wekekek
novel. said…
ahaha.. iya nih,,tantangan terbesar adalah AC. hiks, gue bertekuk lutut kalo masalah udara panas. hormon keringet gue berlebihan,jadi AC adalah teman baikku. hiks. padahal itu kan sebab-akibat, gr2 gue pake AC makanya jadi tambah puanassss. huwaaaa. :D

yah, semoga bisa di'bayar' di poin-poin yang lain (excuse bangeeet.)

brg2 go green,mbak melur.. ;)

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