nothing is impossible.

today, there's one magazine which was circulated around the office, ARCHITECTURE ASIA magazine.

i went through the pages, looked at several designs which looked great, most of them are modern and minimalist design, mostly used lines and another geometric shapes. 'till i stopped at one page, a building named after its address 19 jalan elok by Chang Architects.

do you know why i stopped?

because, few years ago, i designed something like these design, with trees go through the slab up to the roof slab. my purpose was to retain the existing trees, so that the area didn't need to plant new trees. it still have their existing trees which were mature enough.

conceptual 3D images.

and then, when i had my review with two architects, they laughed at me. they doubted about how it was gonna be built (technical things and bla bla bla), and they said that i was too imaginative in designing something.

hell, yeah. (now, i'm rolling my eyes.. fiuhhh)

i wasn't dreaming and imagining. my building could be built. it was 100% possible, and it wasn't too difficult to make it true.

do not stop dreaming! nothing is impossible.
when you stopped dreaming, then it would be impossible.


bener banget.
inget waktu pa 1 gue yang bola2 dihajar abis?
3 tahun kemudian nongol artikel di tempo tentang rumah bagi penjelajah hutan, dengan bentuk dan komposisi yang sama persis.

never, ever stop dreaming!
novel. said…
mbak.. pa1-mu dibantai kan gara2 gue memberi pemicu buat kak ardi membantai. maap yaaa.. *masih merasa bersalah*

iya nih..reviewer-reviewer itu udah pada berhenti bermimpi.. now, i really want to laugh at them. huh.

let's dream big. :D

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