the stuff's list.

hm. kinda hard to fill this list, because i'm not a want-save money-and-buy type. i'm quite a spontaneous type, if i wanted, then i would buy. and if i couldn't buy (mostly because i have not enough money), then the desire would stay for a couple of week, before it disappeared.

but i have a list, for now..

1. laptop.
either macbook or fujitsu.

2. earphone.
apple earphone. hehe, actually can buy it anytime, but i still have the old one though it's not in a good condition. i'm waiting for the right moment. :p

3. nokia E71
my current handphone still okay, nothing can be complained. but, it's just a desire. pure desire. to follow the trend.. haha. don't know whether i'm gonna buy it or not. i maybe, i'll buy the next E71.. the newer one. ;)

4. concert
jamiroquai concert in jakarta! oh gosh! i think i'm gonna miss that show. can't go back again within one month, i already took my leave on march, and i'm sure my boss will get angry if i applied leave again. huhu. jamiroquai.. why don't you come to singapore?

5. a trip to vietnam or thailand
i will go there. surely. still manage the time to take holiday. do you think, which one better? i only can choose one. the other place must be a place in indonesia..

6. a tele lens
i have to buy this. i suffer using the standard lens.. (so hiperbolic ;p) but i do need those tele. vel, save money!

7. and the last.. master degree in europe. :(
my long-term plan.. but i still can't see the way.. *sigh* still long way to go. wait for me, europe!


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