lately, i often went to the library. since i participate on a competition, i need many sources as references. and singapore's library quite helpful on this matter.

many reference books can't be borrowed, it made me spend my time there. and i enjoyed being there and surrounded by books. it was such a pleasure.

one good book which i (or we?) found was five minutes city.
it was about an interesting experimental urban project, which was a collaboration among MVRDV (winy maas), institut francais d'Architecture, and the Fundacio Mies van der Rohe, also held by Berlage Institute.
the trigger was "making the places in a city which can be reached within 5 minutes".

guess what! it's really interesting.


melur said…
oh no! i don't understand those anymore :( huehuehuhuehe... :))
novel. said…
ahaha.. that's okay.

ya intinya..gimana mendesain kota (atau infrastrukturnya), sehingga semua tempat bisa dicapai dalam waktu 5 menit..

hehe.. menurut gue menarik sih,lur.. :D

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