meet this creature, woman.

though i'm female (i'm not gonna say i'm a woman), but i often feel amazed with my 'species'.

we're unique.
we're strange.
we're adorable.
we're hard to be understood.
we're patient and impatiet in same way.
we're easy to cry, then laugh loudly a moment after that.
we quarrel with our boyfriend, and we decide not to call them for a week. and on the third day, we already made a call.
we're weak, but we always say that we're strong.
we say we believe 100% to our boyfriend, but we still listen to what people say.
we're proud because of our shopping desire, and then angry to ourself because we're out of money.
we want to be slim, but we still consume ice cream, chocolate, and cheese.
we try so hard to exercise for some times, but it's only to show that we really want to be slim.
we use a "gift for our self" reason only to eat as much as we want or to shop anything we want.

.. and the most classical thing :
we say yes, not because it's a yes. actually, it means "NO". and vice versa.

woman.. oh woman..
and i'm one of them. *giggle*

anything you want to add? ;)


melur said…
yes please

btw tadi katanya 'female' terus di bawahnya 'i'm one of them (woman)' piye? hehe

trus kita tuh gak weak kaliiii... hmmm cuma kesan kodratnya aja begitu, kalo kita lemah, mana bisa hamil dan melahirkan ya ga?
menurut gue itulah anugerah kekuatan dari Tuhan ke perempuan :)
novel. said…
hihi. iya ya. ketauan ga konsisten. ;p

we're weak and strong. untuk dua hal yang berbeda. :D

hidup wanita!!
melur said…

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