si rakun!

pagi-pagi nemu new post dari mbak windry, tentang klasifikasi karakter. kebetulan penasaran dan emang suka hal-hal beginian. jadi saya klik link-nya dan iseng-iseng mencari jawaban.

Ternyata ..
You are Green Raccoon, who is affectionate, and have womanly attraction wafting around.
You give an impression of a dreaming little girl, but unlike your outside impression, you are very cautious and do not easily let other people in your heart.
Characteristics of this type of people tend to be rather weak and simple.
You want to depend on others heavily.
Therefore, you are good at reading people's character, and have clear preferences of people.
Although you tend to be a quiet person, you have intelligence, and once you are in action, you become very practical.
Your dreams are big, and you try to make it come true through your experiences.
Your dream will be decided according to the circumstances you are born.
Raccoon people have kind hearts and are full of volunteer spirits.
You take extreme good care of those people below your rank or those who are weak.
You are always enduring and show perseverance.
You are especially not afraid to face men.
You don't like to be alone, and therefore feel safe where there are lots of people.
By working and living in a group will improve you, and makes it possible to understanding yourself further, and be able to build up a better life.
Once married, you will do anything to help your husband, and can become a good housewife.
But you may become little too demanding, so be careful.

Karakter Umum si Rakun :

1. Raccoons value experience and results

2. Raccoons have an excellent ability to passively absorb

3. Raccoons are good at sharing roles

4. Raccoons says what you want to hear

5. Older people like Raccoon

6. Raccoons takes other people's stories and make them their own

7. Raccoons are regular customers wherever delicious things are available

8. Raccoons are thought to be irresponsible (hehe,,kadang-kadang saya memang begitu..apalagi kalo udah penat.. :D)

9. Raccoons have unwarranted confidence

10. Raccoons have a bit of natural spaciness in them

Wah..ternyata rakun ga disebutin bisa jadi arsitek yaaaa.. maybe, i wasn't born to be.. (ngelesss dan cari-cari alasan). :D

Hehe. Enjoyyyyy!

[coba di sini]


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