[another year, again..]

another year had passed.

one more year had been added to my age.
getting older.
shorter time to live.
shorter time to breathe.
and shorter time to reach dream.

i reviewed my 22nd age, which already passed, and i found that my life changed fastly. As fast as a mouse clicking, or even mouse double clicking (hhh,, autocad contaminates me a lot).

those changes made me move forward and, in the same time, also stopped me. stopped me to think for another year since 6 months ago. stopped me to dream. stopped me to hope.
but, made me move to another path of life. made me move to another step of adulthood (is it?). made me to become a more-independent girl.

on 22nd day of november, my 22nd years in this world, i didn't have candles to be blown. but still, i did made a wish.
on the 23rd years, i also made a wish, with a candle which was ready to be blown (though i said it a bit late, after blew the candle. hehe. i was a bit nervous..)

a wish is a wish.. birthday wish.
i hope i can make it..for another year, again.

-- all photos were taken by ofi --


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