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Surviving motherhood without a helper

No helper mamas: hands in the air!
This is for you.

Ever since I gave a birth, I ever had a thought of hiring a helper so that I could go back to work and do other things. Long story short, it never happened. I'm still a mother without a helper, juggling in between being a mother and.. a mother. Oh my. That's my only role nowadays: a mother.

Where did my "architect" title go?
Or my "photographer" title?
Or my "traveler" status?

Oh well. Here are the real stories..

Who wants to be angry over full bags of dirty clothes? Who wants to be upset over a never-emptied kitchen sink? I did; I used to be angry over 'small' things that didn't meet my expectations - and I truly had a lot of expectations. It killed me.

But then I learned, I realized something bigger than being an exploding-head mama everyday: that's called "low expectation".
- Dirty clothes means throwing more-than-usual-load into the washing machine, cheat a bit with …

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