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God bless those who are still friends with mommies

After what happened to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I've just realized that a mother is prone to depression much more than any other person, in a way. Spade and Bourdain might not be a new mom (or not even a mom), but it shows that depression is a 'silent killer' for everyone - including mothers (who, in this case, have less friends than when they were not a mother).

Here is why.
One thing I've been accepting til now is that motherhood is really a lonely journey - it's a long road and tiring, and not a lot of companion would stay through.
When I was single, I might have more friends than now. Because, you know, mothers talk about their kids A LOT, especially SAHMs whose world evolves around their kids 24/7. They are simply out of topic if they don't talk about their children, they have limited topics just because they have no other world (sad, eh?). It's just irresistible, to talk about children all the time, because new moms are in love, to be a witness…

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